The Official Rory Gallagher Page 
After a long wait, the official page is off and running. Lots of new features
The 1st Rory Gallagher Homepage 
Volker closed this site down after  8 years of great work. Thanks for everything Volker!!
8/03 Volker has reopened a smaller, more specialized page
Rory on Facebook   Lots of  YouTube Rory clips and conversation
Keith Finney's Rory Facebook page  Lots of  YouTube Rory clips and conversation
Shadowplays Milo's  well done  webpage includes a Rory jukebox, bootleg information,  and a newsletter. Check it out
Last of the Independents
Randy Parson's memories of Rory with a great scrolling collection of pictures, a complete lyrics section and lots of other great info.
John Boyle's Homepage John's "little tribute to Rory Gallagher the greatest blues/rock guitarist ever". 
This site includes a 'not so little' great collection of cover artworks and a tracklist of from Rory's shows  An  invaluable tool for collectors and for reference!!
Rory's Friends A German language webpage by Karl-Heinz Bilstein (20 Dollar Bill).  Use the translation box to  open in many languages. Lots of good material on the site
Rory Gallagher Home Page
This page is published by Kimmo Hagelberg in Finland.  One of the original webpages
Forum Rory Gallagher/Deep Purple.  François Geraud's French language discussion forum on Rory
Rory Gallagher Photo Page by Sistina & Martine   A page of  some great photos of  Rory and Rory related  things.  Take a look!!
Rory Gallagher maybe i will ...  a beautiful Japanese Rory Gallagher tribute site by nero . written in Japanese
Hugo Angel's Rory Blog a nice new page including up to the  minute Rory info taken from the Google News RSS channel. Also check out Hugo's Rory facebook  page
Bullfroggers Retreat
A real nice page with some excellent photos and lots of good material.
Rory Gallagher Fan Place  Holland's Bert Vrijenhoef's very nice Rory webpage. Loads of great photos. Bert has a new page under construction at Rory Gallagher Fansite Check out both sites
Rory Gallagher NL  From the Netherlands.  This website is dedicated to the tributes that are organizing.
Rockshots  A great page of rock photos by Germany's Wolfgang Guerster. Enter the site, click on "G" and enjoy some fine shots of Rory taken between 1982 and 1994.
On The Boards
This page was created by catfish. It has links to over 25 sights for Rory information, pictures and fan tributes. Loads of info, fan links and guitar tabs. Catfish includes the sites of a number of reputable tape traders on this page and places to buy Rory music online
Rory's Corner 
C.P. Warner's personal tribute to Rory.  Some great writing by Paula
Ross Halfin's Rory Photos  A wonderful collection of black & white photos of Rory
Low End  Harry Pellegrin, a longtime fan of Rory Gallagher, has written a mystery novel called Low End with mentions of Rory in the book and the forward written by Donal Gallagher
Maurice Finn's Concert Site
Maurice lists many of Rory's live concerts including setlists and cover artworks.
A great show reference source
Idlewild South Studios A site offering a series of nice Rory artworks for purchase
Musicfoto This an excellent site of 1000's of rock photos by Lawrence Kirsch. Go to the bottom of the main page and type in Rory Gallagher and it will take you to 2 pages of fine pics from 1973. This site has framed photos for sale.
Bert Dros' Rory Page
Bert's page includes a trade section, photos etc. There are a lot of great pictures from the Rory Tributes held in Ireland in June 2000.
Pete Rodenbusch's Rory Gallagher webpage
the site includes a nice collection of pictures and artwork
Fine page with loads of pics and info about the Rockpalast concerts. Rory was the only 5 time participant.
Rose & Dave Thompson's My Little Rory Page
Rose & Dave have posted some fine pictures of Rory in action at Manchester International in the early '90's.  Be sure to check out the section called 'How Rory's death was covered in the press'  (added 8/5/99)
Rory at the Jerry Lee Lewis Sessions  A couple of photos of Rory at the London Sessions
Marc Bavay's page with some excellent pics taken at a Paris show in 1973. Click on everything to open things up. Also a CDR trading section
Danny Clifford
A professional photographer who took the shots used on the inner liner of PhotoFinish. Nice page of rock shots. Click on Gallery -Rory is on the bottom right. MORE RORY SHOTS soon!
Rockbase A German language site by Ulrich Heiser & Ilka Czernohorsky  featuring sections on Rory, Led Zep and the Grateful Dead. It also includes sections on other bands
Tony McLean's tribute to Rory.
Tony's personal tribute to Rory. A lot of interesting Rory stories.
Blue Storm Music  A nice site offering all of Rory's official releases on CD & DVD, as well as an excellent collection of blues releases
All-Music Guide : Rory Gallagher
Loads of information including a biography and a  discography. The discography includes band members, album ratings and links to song titles. The site also lists albums that Rory guested on.
The Paul Rose Band 
Chosen by Rory Gallagher as best "young" guitarist in 1991. His site includes a couple of photos of himself with Rory.Click on "Biography" to see one photo, then on the left click on History.
Jivenaires' Irish Showbands Memory Book  A large page about the showbands in Ireland

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