Rory Stories
from his fans
 A Rory Gallagher time-capsule : 1974 - 1976
LL's memories of meeting Rory as a 13 year old in California and becoming a fan for life
Shinkicker, Moonchild and a Roryfied Strat
A pictorial journey of two big Rory fans and a Strat. Joyce & Perry Lictenberger's story
 I'm A Professional, Don't Try This At Home  Catfish's story of a Rory influenced bicycle ride  3
A National Holiday with Rory Gallagher
Tony McLean recounts his 1985 meeting and night with Rory as manager for Canadien Guitarist, Paul Fenton
 Table Dancing Vince's story of Rory at the Bottom Line in New York in the late 70's 5
 The Hall  Peter Williams' story of getting Rory into the Rock Hall of Fame 6
 A Daughter's Story   A nice Rory story and a poem 7
 A Broken Bottle and a lost chance  Maurice Finn's sad story  8
 The Lonestar  Charlie Gili's close encounter with Rory at the Lonestar Cafe in NY  1985 9
 Coffee  Jan Wilkey shares a cup of coffee with the G-man and her memories 10
 Texas Fan  by Fritz Huss  A fan finds Rory by mistake at a ZZ Top concert 11
 Hanging out with Rory in Arizona, 1985  Roger Wrobel's chance meeting with Rory 12
 Pepper's Golden Bear Roger Wrobel's review & memories of a 1991 Huntington, CA show 13
 Donman's story  Donman's story of 'discovering' Rory in Toronto 14
 A different Rory Story   Marianne Murphy's story of meeting Rory and writing a song to honor him in 1991.  This song was included on the Tribute tapes that Rick Oppegaard compiled after Rory left us. Details on the music included. 15
 The G Man Comes to Boston – 1979   Justin Jordan's story of  Rory's kindness and how he influenced him on the road to becoming a professional guitarist 16
 A Rory story from John Hammond  As related by John Ganjamie in a Loop post 17
 Bob Adams -THUMBS UP Bob's story of recovering Rory's slide and a thumbs up 18
 The Strand Jon Wilder's account of an early '90's show in Redondo Beach, CA 19
Opening Act  Bob McCloskey story on Rory opening for Jefferson Starship with familiar results!
The Last Tour Doug Pugh's great memories of Rory's final US tour in 1991.
Rory's Antics  A collection of fan stories remembering some of Rory's antics during shows-some fun
A Kiss at the Agora  Dwana Horner's story of meeting Rory at the Agora and a surprise kiss
The Real Thing  Vince Rampino finds Rory's music, then sees the real thing live
Paradiso  Jan the Lazyman relates his memories of Rory at the Paradiso in the Netherlands
Name That Baby  Diana Leary's story of meeting Rory and naming her baby before he was born
Impressed  Peter Lefacuher's story of how Rory stood out from the crowd of rock guitarists  27
Red Letter Day  Nick "Rocky" Smith's great story of his visit to a guitar shop in Brisbane, Australia and  testing out a Rory tribute Strat in 9/2005
Old Friends, Memories and Rory  Keith Miles reunites with some old friends and Rory memories
A week of Rory in Toronto Gerry Gerhart's memories of a week of Rory shows at the Colonial Tavern in Toronto in 1973
Kenny Murray's memories of Rory in Ayr, Scotland     Kenny's memories of Rory's show at the Caledonian Hotel in Ayr, including a surprise meeting at the bar.
Jim Grace’s memories of two Rory Shows  Jim's pictorial memories of  1985 shows at The Chestnut Cabaret in Philadelphia and Mean Mr. Mustards in Reading , PA
A Day to Remember  Dino McGartland's memory of his first meeting with Rory in  January 1984 at the Knock -Na - Moe, hotel Omagh  in Omagh 33
Richard Kelly's meeting with Rory at the Colonial Tavern in Toronto 3/24/73  Richard meets with Rory via friends of Gerry, then makes a little trip with Rory & crew during the intermission 34
Doug Pugh's Long Beach CA Memories 2/17/74  Doug Pugh remembers a GREAT concert at the Long Beach Auditorium with KISS and a fake version of Fleetwood Mac listed as openers. Rory overcomes PA system problems to the delight of the crowd 35
T.W.Parker's Rory memory from 1976 in Syracuse  A great story of Rory opening for Aerosmith with results we're familiar with. Then TW tells a story of talking to gerry about the show many years later. 36
Stratastic's Rory Build from scratch   Well done, detailed copy of Rory's Strat 37
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